There’s Still Time to Enjoy Summer with August TAPPI Events!

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At allTAPPI face-to-face events, we will implement the health and safety practices as issued by state and local authorities including the venue and the CDC. We recommend that you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or have a negative test within 3 days of attending an event. We willrequire face coveringswhile indoors and maintain social distancing when possible. We will continue to provide updates on any changes as they become available.

WMU Fiber Recycling Course –Kalamazoo, Michigan
Tuesday, August 2ndtoThursday, August 4th|Course Schedule|


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Lake States TAPPI Art Rankin Golf Outing –Royal St. Partick Golf Course in Wrightstown, WI
Tuesday, August 09th| 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET |


  • 10:00 am Shotgun Start
  • Lunch at the turn
  • Dinner to Follow
  • Donation of door prizes
    • (Golf Items, Gift Cards, Hats, Shirts, Etc.) will be greatly appreciated.

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TAPPI Extrusion Coating Course –Neenah, WI
Saturday, August 16thtoMonday, August 18th|Course Schedule|

Grow Your Product Awareness and Knowledge

This convenient and informative course is designed for introductory employees, young professions or established professionals needing a refresh. TAPPI’s Extrusion Coating Course covers the FULL extrusion process -- not a college textbook course.

Learn extrusion coating from aworkperspective.

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PS&ChE Hands On Papermaking Course –Stevens Point, WI
Thursday, August 25thto Friday, August 26th|Instructor|

This introductory class features morning classroom sessions followed by afternoon sessions of guided, hands-on exercises operating the UW-Stevens Point Fourdrinier pilot paper machine. You will work on a team for the exercises with supervision by UWSP staff.

This course is designed for anyone who needs the basics, has transferred from another industry, is new to operations, does maintenance, or supervises employees. Topics covered in this course include pulp and papermaking operations, with emphasis on papermaking processes and equipment.

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Progress of Nanocellulose and its Application in China –Webinar(Free)
Monday, August 22nd
| 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM ET |

Nanocellulose and its application are widely studied in Chinese Universities, Institutes and Companies. Products of nanocellulose include cellulose nanocrystal, cellulose nanofibril and cellulose nanosheet, as well as lignin-nanocellulose. There are a lot of research on nanocellulose preparation from wood pulp, bamboo, and agricultural residues. The nanocellulose derivatives can be converted to hydrogel, aerogel, films, coatings, which can be applied as nano-ink, food packaging, photoelectric material, electrode material, etc. Nanocellulose coating on food packaging paper can provide an oleophobic layer besides enhancing the mechanical strength of paper. The enhancement of paper with lignin-nanocellulose is commercially manufactured. Lignin based nanocellulose is coated on food packaging, providing a scalable application.

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