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    Finally a standardized approach to safety for the entire industry.




TAPPISAFE is a program developed by industry for industry to deliver awareness level safety training to the workforce and suppliers while maintaining all records in a centralized database for instant verification. An Advisory Committee of safety professionals from all aspects of the industry including mills, supplier companies, contractor companies, and other areas has developed the TAPPISAFE Basic Orientation content based on best practices.

TheTAPPISAFE programincludes:

  • Basic Orientation
  • Converter Orientation
  • Site-Specific Orientation
  • Process Safety Management Orientation (PSM)
  • Truck Driver Orientation
  • Escorted Visitor Orientation
  • Employee Orientation
  • 20 Safety Courses
  • GateCheck Application
  • Centralized, Online Data Records Management

The TAPPISAFE program is a web-based orientation that allows the workforce to take the training online so they arrive to the mill ready for gate entry. The orientations are portable with the individual, so once the Basic Orientation is completed, it is recognized at any mill in the TAPPISAFE program.

How Does TAPPISAFE help the Industry?

TAPPISAFE及其合作伙伴和咨询委员会希望每个人每天都能安全回家。我们正在努力通过标准化行业内容来改进安全导向。TAPPISAFE provides standardized,OSHArequired, awareness-level orientations for the workforce.

Learn more by visiting theTAPPISAFEwebsite orscheduling a demo.