University of Toronto’s Honghi Tran Named Recipient of TAPPI’s 2017 Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award

Highest TAPPI honor recognizes lifelong scientific achievements

ATLANTA, March 13, 2017 –TAPPI is pleased to announce thatHonghi Tran, Ph.D., has been named winner of the prestigiousGunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award.陈博士是加拿大多伦多大学化学工程与应用化学系教授,也是该校纸浆与造纸工程Frank Dottori讲座教授和纸浆与造纸中心主任。自1980年以来,他一直是TAPPI的成员。

“Professor Tran’s research is of extraordinary quality and has progressively impacted the kraft pulping industry,” said Larry N. Montague, TAPPI president and CEO. “His past and present contributions to the industry have made him exceptionally deserving of this award.”


Tran is one of the world’s leading experts onkraft chemical recovery processes[1]and an authority onrecovery boiler plugging and fouling[2].他的全球研究工作、出版物和咨询活动在推进回收技术和消除纸浆厂瓶颈方面发挥了重要作用。自1987年以来,他在多伦多发起并成功领导了10个能源和化学回收的大型连续研究财团,获得了加拿大自然科学和工程研究理事会(NSERC)和来自8个国家的50多家纸浆和造纸相关公司的支持。

Tran’s research group was responsible for the development of high-intensity sootblowing nozzles which greatly enhanced cleaning ability in recovery boilers, as well as the low pressure sootblowing technology and partial borate autocausticizing technology. His work defined the role played by chloride and potassium in recovery boiler fouling and corrosion and resulted in guidelines which are now used by many, if not most, mills. Additionally, his contributions to the kraft pulping industry have facilitated the continued operation of existing mills without the need for massive capital investments.

Tran served as inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Science and Technology for Forest Products and Processes (J-FOR), Program Chair of the 1995 ICRC and Conference Chair of the 2008 ICRC. He has been an instructor of the TAPPI Kraft Recovery Course since its establishment in 1986 and has chaired it since 2006. Tran has supervised/co-supervised over 100 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and authored/co-authored over 270 refereed papers and has 8 patents. Tran was named a TAPPI fellow in 2000. He is also a recipient of the 2003 TAPPI Research & Development Technical Award and William H. Aiken Prize, the 2006 TAPPI Engineering Beloit Award, the 2013 PAPTACJohn S. Bates Gold Medal, the 2014 International Chemical Recovery Conference (ICRC)’s Lifetime Achievements and Contributions Award, and nearly 20 Best Conference Paper Awards.

The award will be officially presented April 25 at TAPPI’s annualPaperConconference in Minneapolis

About the Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award:

First presented in 1985, the prestigiousGunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Awardis TAPPI’s highest technical honor in recognition of an individual’s exceptional industry contributions. It is presented annually only if the individual has made preeminent scientific and engineering achievements of proven commercial benefit to the world’s pulp, paper, board, and forest products industries including forestry, derived products, their process technologies, and their applications.

[1]2008 TAPPI Kraft Recovery Operations Systems course manuscript

[2]2008 TAPPI Kraft Recovery Operations Systems course manuscript

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